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I named it “UNFAILING”. I still admit that I am however not yet wanting to designate myself as a writer. The path I planned now shall demand new interesting writings, one followed by another and so on. This choice requires impeccable learning, relentless research and untiring exploration. I look forward to produce a masterpiece soon one day to justify the definition of my first title “UNFAILING” to become a real writer.

I began to scribble my story.  Initially, I was ignorant and did not consider the heavy odds I will face at a later stage. Soon I realised that I took up a titanic task. An enthusiastic immature was left with merely 26 letters, who knows not how to jumble his words to match his artistic visual expressions in the narration. We all know, on a silver screen, there is an exaggeration; to clutch the audience’s pulse there are luring visuals and harmonious music to intensify the narration. How then is it possible to create a similar impact on paper, an engrossing read? Within the countable number of books I read, I found reading contains more grip than watching movies based on them.

Writing fiction has advantages. My part as an author; I introduce minute details of my characters, the backdrop and escort readers to see the story; leaving everything else to their imagination, which knows no bounds. I tried my writing not to look awkward or unrealistic and vulnerable to negative criticism. Of course, to elevate heroism, the protagonist executes hard decisions and survive the impossible and he or she would stretch a step further, from where the common man actually gives up. In my book, I used the sensible liberty of fiction to establish the protagonist’s role. He will not end his hope to confront for survival in conditions near to impossible while the balancing act of nature remains an impossible challenge the way it exists.

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  1. Excellent skill with language. You made people ‘see’ your thoughts. Am sure the characters and plot of the story you are going to tell, will be as lively.

  2. Dear Venkat,

    For an author of limited exposure to various nuances of stimulating writing,I believe that your strong will power would lead you in the right direction.However, to reach your final goal of bringing out a masterpiece after churning out number of books of varied quality you need to cultivate the habit of facing both the criticism and accolades with equal segacity and positiveness.Such an outlook will make your path more viable and less cumbersome.I am happy to say that you have strong belief in your capabilities, a right attitude.Try to nurture your positive outlook, an essential ingredient to produce good results.Fiction is a good choice, but let it not be projected as a fiction from the beginning to avoid dilution of interest .Your writing should aim to build up interest step by step.I congratulate you for rightly chosen this phase of your life to achieve success as a well known author.The title is innovative. However, it is not clear why is it named Unfailing;may be it is part of fiction.It is good that you are aiming high.To achieve positive results followed by accolades by learned critics please try to make the writing in simple sentences, as complex and compound sentences may , at times, convey different meanings.
    I wish you all the best and success at every stage of your writing expedition.
    Best wishes

  3. Superb you did it .!!!
    I am admire you and about passion towards writing..!!!
    All the best for future writings as well .!!!

  4. Wish you reach your dreams and mountains together in most to your satisfaction
    All the very best ra
    From Chandra and TV

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