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An ideal prospect, in every script, title planning is an out-and-out logical process. I collected many words, jumbled many sentences to name my first writing. The only idea was, it should be precise. One insomniac midnight while I was battling with etymology; this word attracted me instantly ‘UNFAILING’. Without much brain-storming, I felt it is appropriate and relevant. But, it could mislead the reader’s expectation on a first impression. This is not self-help stuff; just a story of a boy living next door.

… … …

Decryption to my ‘UNFAILING’

Courage or Fear?
Does the spirit of freedom gets rid of all inhibitions to be fearless?
What are the options?
What are the alternates?

Fear makes deadlock in every new beginning. Credence on the inceptive hypothesis remains volatile.

Candid statement: Real-time Ambiguities and an Elusive Target- can only be chased with endurance and perseverance.

What is the protagonist’s choice?

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