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Today all those nightmares have vanished. They are sweet memories. Every mistake and the process of un-mistaking endures as an experience. All of a sudden the elusive target was no more. Only a healthy suspicion presumably would assist me in later happenings. Thanks to you all for encouraging me to obtain a credential result of my first project 'UNFAILING'.

Negotiating this mountain called as the book, a beginner had to ford numerous milestones. The action to correct each error one by one, word to word, until the last line generates a next version document. An error-free manuscript was unanalysable with mistakes popping in every second revision. In the end, reading count of his manuscript was more than the total number of books he had studied till date. Another important step was to fetch the ISBN as part of his call to self-publish. There are third parties to assist self-publishing; yet, I accepted to deal with this challenge as well.

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At last, I crept and made my space in the history of a bookshelf. My intention hadn't been for a big name or an entitlement. It was for the fantasy and ideal hope to embed my name in the bookshelf index.

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