An ideal prospect, in every script, title planning is an out-and-out logical process. I collected many words, jumbled many sentences to name my first writing. The only idea was, it should be precise. One insomniac midnight while I was battling with etymology; this word attracted me instantly ‘UNFAILING’. Without much brain-storming, I felt it is appropriate and relevant. But, it could mislead the reader’s expectation on a first impression. This is not self-help stuff; just a story of a boy living next door. … … … Decryption to my ‘UNFAILING’ Courage or Fear? Does the spirit of freedom gets rid of all inhibitions to be […]


Launch : Feb 14 2019 – Stay tuned! UNFAILING I named it “UNFAILING”. I still admit that I am however not yet wanting to designate myself as a writer. The path I planned now shall demand new interesting writings, one followed by another and so on. This choice requires impeccable learning, relentless research and untiring exploration. I look forward to produce a masterpiece soon one day to justify the definition of my first title “UNFAILING” to become a real writer. I began to scribble my story.  Initially, I was ignorant and did not consider the heavy odds I will face at a later stage. Soon […]

Dirty Hands

A vision that was obliviated and hibernated for a very long time existed like a mirage, in my journey, made its inception in a predicament. For all reasons hindered my insight, I have a persuasive explanation to conceal my fear. Within the first few days, I lost hope and I nearly gave up. An idea, once taken hold of the brain, it is almost impossible to eradicate, it began again. But it is neither fully formed nor understood. If it actually works my life may change, positive. It was a blind belief.