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An adventurous tale of endurance, tenacity and intense human strength.

About the Author

UNFAILING is the inception, and I reckon it would take me one step closer to be an expert writer, besides an aspiring traveller and explorer. You may please follow me and write to me. I will revert for sure.

Hello! I’m Venkata S Bhojanapalli, an engineer, and a beginner mountaineer, who accidentally turned into a published writer. I say accidentally, because I had never ever imagined myself writing books. The only experience I’d had in the field was writing the daily bulletin on my school’s notice board. That’s about it. Of course, that was a long time ago. My travel experiences and riveting unrealistic imaginations might have laid a way to my fathoming to become a writer.

I wanted to become an explorer, and this vocation, somehow made me go to some of the most beautiful and unknown places in Asia. Now, I desire to continue full time writing and travel across the globe, observe people, learn languages and examine cultures in the different part of the world, although Himalayas are and will be my favourite destination. I do not want to belong to a particular genre. I would want to experiment on diverse topics I come across.

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I collected many words, jumbled many sentences to name my first writing. The only idea was, it should be precise.


I named it “UNFAILING”. I still admit that I am however not yet wanting to designate myself as a writer. The path I planned now shall demand new interesting writings, one followed by another and so on. This choice requires impeccable learning, relentless research and untiring exploration. I look forward to produce a masterpiece soon one day to justify the definition of my first title “UNFAILING” to become a real writer.

stay tuned....